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CoE Graduate Handbook


Students are expected to register via Self-service by the deadline each semester.  For courses requiring advisor approval, such as thesis credit and independent study, please see below for guidelines.  

Registration in Independent Study Courses

Students who are qualified to do independent study are eligible to enroll in Independent Study (595) courses. Registration in an Independent Study course provides the opportunity for the student to carry out a planned learning activity under the direction of a faculty member. A description of the activity must be developed by the student and approved by the supervising faculty member and the appropriate academic department authorized signatory. The student must complete an Independent Study Learning Contract and have approval prior to registration.

Repeated enrollment for credit in an Independent Study course is permissible. However, no more than 8 hours of Independent Study can be applied towards a Master’s or Certificate of Advanced Study degree, and no more than 12 hours toward a doctoral degree.

Registration in Thesis/Dissertation Hours

Registration in thesis/dissertation research hours is required for all students completing a thesis or dissertation, after completion of the required coursework. The student must obtain approval from the advisor/director of research and submit it to the Graduate Student Services Office prior to registration. This registration typically occurs after the course work is completed and before the time limits are reached.

Late Registration or Course Changes

Once the deadline for online registration has passed, a student must complete a Late Registration/Late Course Change form.  The completed form can be turned in to the Graduate Student Services Office for department approval and processing. 

Withdrawal and Cancellation

To withdraw after a semester starts or cancel registration prior to the beginning of a semester, a student must file the Withdrawal/Cancellation form.  The complete form can be returned to the Graduate Student Services Office for approval and processing. 

Auditing Courses

A student wanting to audit a course must first complete an Auditor's Permit.  More information on auditing a course can be found in the Graduate College Handbook.  

In Absentia Registration

In absentia registration is designed for students who wish or need to remain registered but will be studying or doing research at least 50 miles away from campus for the semester. In absentia registration is not permitted for students enrolled in courses meeting on campus. Students registered in absentia are only assessed tuition and the general fee. If students registered in absentia wish to have health insurance they must make other arrangements since they will not be assessed that fee. The In Absentia Request form must be submitted to the Graduate Student Services Office ahead of the 10th day deadline each semester.   

Credit/No Credit Registration

Credit/No credit is a permanent notation on the academic record that may be requested by a student with the advisor's approval.  Students on limited status admission or probation are not allowed to register for credit/no credit coursework until the limited status or probation has been removed.  Students interested in credit/no credit must file the Credit/No Credit Form with the Graduate Student Services Office before the deadline each semester.  

Course Load

The College of Education follows the Graduate College's rules on course loads and concerning full-time enrollment.  Fellows, trainees, and students with waiver-generating appointments are expected to enroll full-time.  International students are always expected to enroll full-time unless a request for a reduced course load is approved.  

Grading System

Graduate students and advisors should be guided by the Graduate College policy on the grading system.


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