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About Us Our Mission & Vision

About Us

Our Mission & Vision

Our College addresses the challenges facing today's learners by advancing knowledge and impacting policy through research, teaching, and outreach.

We develop the tools, methods, and habits of mind that innovate; contribute to making education equitable and accessible to all learners; and prepare leaders, researchers, and passionate advocates committed to transforming learners of all ages. 

Education at Illinois is committed to:

  • Engaging in research on critical issues in education.
  • Preparing teachers and leaders who will assume positions as educators, school administrators, researchers, and as policy makers at the state and federal levels.
  • Serving the State of Illinois and the nation through professional development programs, including alternative certification programs, and through outreach to P-12 schools, state government, community colleges, community agencies and private companies.

We believe in inclusivity and a just future.

We value the diverse perspectives of students, staff, and community friends of all backgrounds who come together in our College to inspire fresh discussions that lead to new avenues of research and exploration for a just future. We offer:

  • A safe, secure, and welcoming environment, regardless of social identity or disability.
  • National leadership in diversity in which we recruit, employ, support, and retain underrepresented groups.
  • The recruiting, supporting, and retaining of heterogeneous students, faculty, and staff that reflects the realities of worldwide diversity.
  • Sponsored events and activities that provide a sense of inclusiveness and the promotion of social justice principles and policies.
  • Affirmative action policies that promote access to education and employment for historically underrepresented groups.
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