Education at Illinois is transformative.

Our mission is not just to do regular things well. It's about educating in imaginatively innovative ways.

In all we do, we aim to reinvent the field while maintaining relevance in a world that continues to expect much from educators. The College's iconic reputation for producing scholarship that transforms the nature and the context of education means that we effect change economically, socially, and technologically. Our scholars meet the needs of the local and global community, while continuing to evolve and refocus.

College Leadership

Our leadership team helps steer our College through the ever-changing educational landscape to maintain our preeminence as a world-class institution of teaching, learning, and research. 

College of Education leadership team

  • Christopher Span, Associate Dean for Graduate Programs
  • Nancy Latham, Executive Director of the Council on Teacher Education
  • Sarah McCarthey, Head of Curriculum & Instruction
  • Lisa Denson-Rives, Assistant Dean for Advancement
  • Gabrielle Allen, Associate Dean for Research
  • Timisha Luster, Assistant Dean for Administration
  • Lisa Monda-Amaya, Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs and Teacher Education
  • James D. Anderson, Dean
  • Amanda Brown, Assistant Dean for Budget and Resource Planning
  • Denice Ward-Hood, Director of Online Programs
  • Daniel Morrow, Chair of Educational Psychology
  • Yoon Pak, Interim Head of Education Policy, Organization & Leadership
  • Micki Ostrosky, Head of Special Education
  • Not pictured: Kathy Ryan, Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs; and George Reese, Director of the Office for Mathematics, Science and Technology Education