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Hiring Hourly Programmer for
2 Educational Technology Research Projects

We’re looking to hire 1 to 2 programmers on an hourly basis (about 10 hours per week) to provide extra help to support the development of novel web technologies for our NSF funded projects SimSnap and Connected Spaces.

SimSnap is a collaborative science simulation that enables students to collaboratively learn about plant biology. For this project, we are looking for help working on a few pieces: 1) An real-time collaborative tool that enables students to develop, share, and negotiate around ideas at the small group and whole class levels; 2) Working with the Seeed Studios USB Mic Array to get direction of arrival of student speech and converting it to text (using services such as in near real-time; 3) A teacher dashboard application that uses data mining across the simulation, collaboration tool, and the microphone array and applies machine learning to give the teacher real-time updates on the class.

Connected Spaces (CxS) is a technology toolkit that works primarily with underserved youth at makerspaces distributed across the US to help them connect with peers and mentors. In CxS we are building an integrated system based on a core set of tools to help students communicate in new and exciting ways 1) REACH projector, which uses a compact projector and camera system to project images and capture gestures across the makerspaces to help student collaborate around physical objects at a distance; 2) The CxS dashboard that shows which students are in which spaces in real-time and their personal maker interests, to help students reach out for help or advice across the spaces; 3) The Build-in-Progress platform, a social network that allows students to catalogue their maker projects and share them with the peers.

These projects are largely web-based, so experience with Java Script, HTML, CSS are key skills. Experience with modern Javascript UI libraries (react, angular, meteor, etc.) is a bonus.

Several of the projects may also include Python (including Flask). For the REACH projector, OpenCV for video streaming, image processing, and computer vision are also a plus.

This is a great opportunity to work on some innovating learning technologies with researchers across the US and in Canada!

As mentioned above, we are looking to hire for about 10 hours a week. The hourly rate will be $20/hr.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Mike Tissenbaum at 

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