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Secondary Education Minor


If you are a student currently enrolled in the Secondary Education minor, the following information applies to you.

Education Minor Courses

Year 1 Spring

CI 401: Introductory Teaching in a Diverse Society (3 hrs)

  • Effectively serve diverse high school students 
  • The purpose of teaching the specific content area 

CI 473: Disciplinary Literacy (3 hrs)

  • Language and literacy instruction in content area
  • Illinois Professional Teaching Standards
Year 2 Fall

CI 403: Teaching a Diverse High School Student Population (3 hrs)

  • Planning and strategies for units and lessons

SPED 405: General Educator's Role in Special Education (3 hrs) 

  • Educating students with special needs
  • Roles of teachers and related service providers
  • Curriculum individualization and instructional strategies

EPSY 485: Assessing Student Performance (3 hrs)

  • How to write and use assessments, measurements, and evaluations in a school setting
Year 2 Spring

CI 404: Teaching and Assessing Secondary School Students (3 hrs)

  • Developing curriculum, teaching, and assessing learning in the high school years 
  • Online Wednesdays @ 6 PM

EDPR 442: Educational Practice in Secondary Education (12 hrs)

  • Student teaching


Mandatory Events/Sessions


Year One

Induction Meeting 

  • Placements
  • Student teaching
  • Courses
  • Secondary Education Program
School and Community Experiences

Year One

Resume Workshop

  • Write an education resume and cover letter 

CI 401 Orientation

  • Placement information
  • Danielson framework
  • edTPA
  • Background check information
  • Cover letter information

CI 403 orientation

Year Two

Supervisor orientation for CI 403

edTPA Support

  • Preparation for what should be included 

Student Teaching Orientation

  • Keynote from local administrator
  • Panel of previous student teachers
  • License information 

Student Teaching Placement Day

  • Meet and greet supervising teachers 

Charge Ceremony 

  • Formal recognition before student teaching
Council on Teacher Education

Year One

CoTE Orientation

  • Mandated Reporter training
  • Information about CoTE requirements and roles
  • Held each fall (typically early to mid-October) prior to the registration process
  • Attendance is required in order to obtain the appropriate attribute to register for the courses in the minor 

School Placements and Student Teaching

Detailed information about your classroom placements and student teaching can be found on the School and Community Experiences website.

This information will also be broadly covered in your induction meeting after being admitted to the program.

Content Tests and Fees


  • Assessment of teacher readiness
  •  Required to earn your license in the State of Illinois
  • Will be multiple information sessions about the edTPA each semester
  • Common questions about the edTPA, including the fee, can be found here.
  • Lynn Burdick, in the College of Education, is the main contact for the edTPA on our campus

License Registration
  • CoTE will give you information about how and when to register your license. 
  • You cannot use your Illinois license to teach unless it is registered and the fee is paid.


State Board of Education
  • You will be granted a license through the Illinois State Board of Education
  • CoTE will direct you in how to do this your Senior year of the minor. 
  • The Council on Teacher Education (CoTE) is a core resource on campus for students seeking licensure. 
  • CoTE requirements for student teaching and licensure are listed here. 
  • Secondary education licensure powerpoint can be found on this page as well.


Endorsements are additional areas someone is licensed to teach.

They are needed to teach a content area and/or to teach AP courses in that content. 

  •  Example 1: If you have a Biology endorsement, you can teach any science, but you can ONLY teach AP Biology, NOT AP Chemistry.
  • Example 2: If you teach English but would also like to be able to teach History, you would need an History endorsement. 

Specific questions about endorsements should be directed to the Council on Teacher Education.

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