Convocation participants should arrive at the Armory no later than 12:30 pm.  Check-in and line-up will begin at 12:00 pm.  

Please bring or wear all academic attire.  Personal belongings such as purses or bags (phones are fine) should not be brought to line-up as there will be no storage of these items after procession. Family members will not be permitted into the line-up area and should proceed to Huff Hall for seating.


Upon arrival at the Armory, participants should report to the appropriate degree table to check in.  You will receive two information cards:

  1. Reader card:  This card will have your name, pronunciation, degree, and program or department.  This card will be handed to the reader before you cross the stage.    
  2. Photography card:  This card will have your name and address.  This card will be carried across the stage and handed to the photography assistant after you have received your diploma.  

It is very important that the correct card goes to the correct person, or you may not receive your official photographs from the ceremony.


Doctoral participants will be sorted by department and grouped together by hooder, followed by Master's and then Bachelor participants.

Faculty will lead the procession from the Armory to Huff Hall.