On occasion, students may submit special requests for individual consideration, including course substitutions and reasonable exceptions to College policy. Two different petitions are used by students to submit such requests.

Undergraduate student petitions should be submitted for requests involving Course approvals/substitutions, overload/underload semester hours, and other matters over which the College has jurisdiction. Completed petition should be submitted to the Student Academic Affairs Office, 142 Education, 1310 South 6th Street. Decisions on college petitions are made by the Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs in conjunction with academic advisers and departmental chairs/heads.

Students wishing to change their registration after the deadline should be aware that approvals of such petitions are not routinely granted. An undergraduate petition must accompany credit/no credit and grade replacements requests made after the deadline. Check the campus academic calendar for specific dates.

Council on Teacher Education Petitions are required for matters over which the Council on Teacher Education has jurisdiction. The following are examples of the types of requests that must be submitted on a Council petition: requests to be certified with less than a 2.50 grade point average; substitution or waiver of early field experience; the special and professional education requirements; and requests to student teach in the event the student has less than a 2.50 University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, cumulative, content area and/or professional education grade point average and/or is on academic probation. Final decisions on Council petitions are made by the Executive Director of the Council on Teacher Education and/or the Licensure Officer with input from the student’s Dean and adviser. Petitions authorizing a substitution for any requirement should be kept until the degree has been completed.