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Our mission: to prepare educational professionals who transform lives of learners... in all contexts, and from all backgrounds.

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Teacher Licensure

At the University of Illinois, you have many different routes to becoming a certified teacher in the state. In fact, 32 programs across the campus offer teacher education or other professional school personnel (such as Social Work) preparation programs at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.

The College is directly responsible for the areas of Early Childhood Education, Elementary Education, and Special Education, offering majors in these fields. Students choosing to pursue secondary education careers in math, science, English, and social studies earn their Minor in Secondary Education within the College while pursuing a content-based major in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. More about Teacher Licensure in the College of Education

Academic Departments

Study in the College is broken out across four academic departments, each featuring different curriculum, faculty, and degree opportunities. While all departments teach a large number of undergraduate courses, only Special Education and Curriculum and Instruction offer undergraduate degrees for teachers. Master's and doctoral study is offered in all of our academic programs.