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About the College of Education


Our College addresses the large, practical challenges faced in education today. Every generation faces new societal problems that invariably reverberate through the lives of learners and their teachers. As one of the first public land-grant universities established in 1867, we understand that you can only make a difference in the wider society if you can truly transform learners from all backgrounds and learning environments and do this in a way that engages constructively with the most critical challenges facing a democratic, pluralistic society. In order to meet the changing needs and interests of the local and global community, we continue to evolve and refocus.


Transformative change does not happen in an instant. As a College, we persevere in the discovery of how to improve learning in challenging educational situations. Since our founding as a school in 1905, we have a distinguished history of making repeated breakthroughs in educational thinking and practice. We understand that our mission is not only about excellence or doing regular things well. It is about doing things in imaginatively different ways. Our iconic reputation for producing scholarship that transforms the nature and the content of education means that we impact economic, social, and technological changes. The scholarship we produce addresses today’s priorities—understanding the behavioral dimensions of performance and learning, harnessing new technologies for uniquely educational purposes, realizing in practice the responsibility to children of diverse backgrounds, and having a credible impact on public policy. Each of our graduates participates in that legacy as they join our accomplished alumni and become the next generation of teachers, professors, researchers, superintendents, and policy makers.

—Mary Kalantzis
Professor and Dean

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