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Department of Curriculum and Instruction

Department of Curriculum and Instruction
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The Department of Curriculum and Instruction is ranked 5th in the nation, according to 2014 US News and World Report. The faculty addresses critical issues of learning, teaching, and social justice at global and local levels. The department emphasizes preparation and continuing professional development of early childhood, elementary and secondary teachers and teacher educators. Faculty and students are committed to seeking deep interconnections among theory, research, and practice.

Welcome the new Department of Curriculum and Instruction Faculty.

Daniel Lew Hoffman

Assistant Professor, Curriculum & Instruction

Prior to starting his doctoral studies, Dr. Hoffman was a classroom teacher in Antigua, Guatemala, and in public schools in Brooklyn, New York. Hoffman focuses his research on the intersections of learning and computing, and the impact of technology on schooling. With his extensive instructional design and pre-college and college-level teaching experiences, he brings a wealth of expertise in multimedia learning and interactive learning environments. Dr. Hoffman’s empirical studies contribute to understanding how students’ cognition and learning are impacted by the use of innovative input devices to interact with content in digital learning environments. More...

Robb Lindgren
Assistant Professor, Curriculum & Instruction

Since 2009, Dr. Lindgren has directed the Media and Learning Lab at the University of Central Florida. In addition to a Ph.D. in Learning Sciences and Technology Design from Stanford, he holds an M.A. in psychology from Stanford and a B.S. in computer science from Northwestern with a double major in cognitive science. Lindgren’s research is devoted to understanding both the cognitive and pedagogical processes that support learning, and the design of innovative technologies that effectively engender these processes. He focuses on learning and instruction through the use of emerging immersive and interactive digital media platforms, including simulations, virtual environments, mobile devices, video games, and mixed and augmented reality. More...

Emma Mercier
Assistant Professor, Curriculum & Instruction

Dr. Mercier has been a research associate for SynergyNet: Multi-touch in Education at Durham University since 2009. She is interested in the relationship between social interaction, technology, and learning. Mercier’s research is focused on the social processes in learning; especially learning that is facilitated through collaboration and with technology. From a developmental perspective, she explores how social interactions and collaborative practices develop, and from a design perspective, her work focuses on how to create environments and activities that support social interactions and collaborative learning. More...

Patriann Smith
Clinical Assistant Professor, Curriculum & Instruction

Patriann Smith is an Assistant Professor in Literacy Studies in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Patriann explores the ways in which issues surrounding literacy research and language policy intersect in the multilingual English-speaking Caribbean. She is also interested in the literate and linguistic experiences of multilingual English-speaking Caribbean teachers and educators, and continues to examine the ways in which verbal reports function as a methodological tool for understanding multilingual learners' reading processes. More...