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Exploring Education Summer Camp

Exploring Education Summer Camp

Join us in the College of Education to explore innovative teaching methods, advanced education technology, and global learning.

This Exploring Education Summer Camp is designed for rising Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors who are considering a career in education. 

The virtual camp is designed to foster a love for and appreciation of teaching, an understanding of the importance of equity and justice in education, and provides future educators on the many opportunities within the field.

Camp Dates & Times : July 13 - 14th from 10 am - 2 pm.

We would love for you to join us!
Best, Ashley M. Davis, MBA
Exploring Education Summer Camp Coordinator


Praise for the July 2020 camp 

"My favorite sessions were the So You Want to Be a Teacher? and Social Justice in Education sessions. The first one gave a much more realistic depiction of what it is like to teach, and highlighted the work a teacher does outside the classroom as well as the importance of self care. The second one was important because it gave a lot of great resources for aspiring teachers to use in order to better understand the diverse contexts of their future students."

"I found the Social Justice session with Christopher Span incredibly empowering as well as the talk on the culture houses with Ashley M. Davis. I love how in both of the presentations, they made connections with history and highlighted the importance of understanding the lives of everyone around you. Both sessions made me want to learn more and highlighted how much I can do right now which I was so inspiring to me. ... I found every part of the camp that related to what I can and should be doing now the most beneficial because it further equipped me to be as ready as I can for college and as a teacher in the future!"

"Attending this virtual camp only increased my desire to attend. I genuinely could feel the connections between the staff members at the school and how lovely the environment within the education department is! University of Illinois was my number one school and this camp only reaffirmed that."