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Doctoral Student Manual


Required Coursework

Doctoral students must take a minimum of 64 hours of graduate credit beyond their master’s degree. Required courses for all doctoral students in the department are listed below. Coursework outside of the department (e.g., Educational Psychology, Social Work, Speech and Hearing Sciences, Human Development and Family Studies, etc.) are taken to complete requirements and to provide a theoretical foundation from which students may develop research questions and explore how systems, including education, support individuals with disabilities and their families.

Course Title
SPED 592 Concepts and Issues in SPED I
SPED 593 Concepts and Issues in SPED II
SPED 550 Methods of Educational Inquiry
SPED 510 Legal Aspects of Disabilities

Supplemental Coursework

Doctoral students entering the program have diverse backgrounds and experience working with individuals with disabilities across the lifespan. Supplemental coursework selected from departmental offerings may be required to enable a student to meet all requirements of the doctoral program. As part of preparing the student’s Doctoral Plan, the advisor and student make decisions about supplemental course requirements. Examples of possible supplemental courses within the department are located in the course catalog.

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