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Take the next step in your career and earn your Master's Degree—100% Online

Our online master's degree programs are ranked in the top 3 nationwide for excellence and affordability.
–2023 U.S. News & World Report Best Online Master's Degree Programs

Whether it's been a few months or several years since you completed your bachelor's degree, it's never too late to keep learning. Education at Illinois' Online Programs offers a number of options to advance your career, develop innovative skillsets, and gain fresh knowledge and perspectives.

Adding to the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign's Already Strong Reputation

Our program was designed to prepare busy professionals to deal with the most challenging issues in education and to become leaders in their field. You’ll learn from world-class faculty and researchers who lead in their field. And you’ll earn a degree from one of the top-ranked public universities in the world that is also a pioneer and leader in online education.

You can earn your Masters of Education in as little as 18 months! Join a network of peers from around the globe who are shaping the future of education! Read about the experiences of our online students, who are some of the most passionate, inventive, and committed graduates the College of Education has nurtured.

Program Details

Course Format: Fully Online  Credit Hours: 32  |  Course Duration: 8 weeks (Fall & Spring); 6 weeks (Summer)

Tuition Costs: $510 per credit hour* Financial Aid: All students are encouraged to apply

Newly admitted  EdM students are eligible for a merit and need-based scholarship!

EdM Application Deadlines: 6 convenient deadlines throughout the year

Bilingual Bi-cultural

Curriculum & Instruction

Provides all educators with a better understanding of key teaching strategies that can help support multilingual students in their classrooms.

Digital Learning

Curriculum & Instruction

Centers on the creation and research of digital environments for learning and teaching. Ideal for students who wish to learn more about the potential of technology in learning environments in formal (schools) and informal (museums and after school clubs) settings.

Diversity & Equity in Education

Education Policy, Organization and Leadership

A social-justice oriented program that aims at providing educators with transformative approaches to issues related to diversity and equity in P-16 learning environments.

Global Studies in Education

Education Policy, Organization and Leadership

Focuses on the globalization of policy, pedagogy in different contexts including online environments, and children and youth studies.

Human Resource Development

Education Policy, Organization and Leadership

Provides knowledge and processes used to improve workplace performance and individual learning in organizations.

International Education Administration & Leadership

Education Policy, Organization and Leadership

Trains professionals to lead, develop, implement, and evaluation international programming and internationalization activities in business/industry and postsecondary settings, in both private and public sectors.

Learning Design & Leadership

Education Policy, Organization and Leadership

Provides educators and training/learning development professionals the opportunity to learn how to create more engaging learning environments by integrating new media technologies.

Perspectives and Practices

Curriculum & Instruction

Addresses critical issues of teaching and learning within diverse settings, with an emphasis on technology application.

Teaching Biology

Curriculum & Instruction

Gives practicing teachers the opportunity to earn an M.S. in teaching biological science or graduate credits in biology and brings them up-to-date with topics and concepts at the cutting-edge of biology.

Weekly Online Synchronous Sessions

The program consists of online video synchronous sessions that typically meet once per week, Monday - Thursday, anytime between 4:00 pm – 9:00 pm CT. These sessions are required and are designed for you to interact with your course instructors and peers synchronously for enriched learning experiences.  

Application Deadlines

Completed applications, including all additional materials requested, are due by the following application dates.

More Information

*Tuition and fees are direct costs charged by the university. The cost of attendance also includes indirect cost allowances for food, housing, books, supplies, and other expenses. You will not be billed by the university for these costs unless you live in university housing.  Use the Illinois Cost Calculator for an estimated cost of attendance. Online students will only be charged tuition at the rate of $510 per credit hour. Tuition rates are subject to change. For more information about our online programs, contact us.

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