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CPP Time To Completion 2016

Program Costs






The cost of attending the University of Illinois for 12 or more credit hours is approximately $33,261 per year for residents and $46,983 per year for non-residents (including tuition and fees, living expenses, and books).  Of this total, tuition and fees are currently $15,560/year for residents and $33,261/year for non-residents. While past support does not guarantee future support, in the past all of our students have obtained assistantships or scholarships that cover tuition and fee costs.

Internship placements

Our students have been remarkably successful in obtaining high quality internships:  in the past 7 years 33 students have participated in the internship match program with only 1 student not placed in the initial match (one student was successful the next year).  This represents a 97% successful placement rate during the match.  All of these internships have been paid, all have been with APPIC member sites, and have been APA accredited.

Residency requirement

Students are required by campus policy to fulfill at least one year of full-time residence; however, all of the students in the CPP complete at least three years of full-time, in-residence study.

Percentage of recent graduates who are licensed as psychologists

In a survey of 48 graduates of our doctoral program from 2005-2013, 35 of these alumni (73%) were licensed as psychologists.  The majority of the other graduates (= 10 or 21%) who were not licensed worked in jobs for which licensure was not required (e.g., research professors, business, international employment). We were unable to obtain information on the licensure status of 2 graduates from this time period.