Students engaged in graduate study and research in the Department of Special Education find an environment where collaboration among faculty members and students is nurtured and rewarded. The students’ contributions are recognized and valued. In many cases, this recognition comes in the form of financial awards that enable students to devote concentrated attention to their studies.


Graduate student assistantships and their accompanying tuition waivers provide graduate students with financial resources that help defray the expenses associated with completing their graduate degrees.  For more information, please see the Graduate College website.

Graduate Traineeships

Traineeships are research fellowships that are awarded to provide educational training in particular disciplinary areas and provide a stipend for living expenses. For more information, please see the Graduate College website

Grant Funding Options

Faculty write many grants that fund students.  The funding may include a stipend, tuition, travel, or any number of expenses.  Following are some of the current options:

Scholarship Opportunities