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The Learning and Education Studies (LES) degree program is a non-licensure major with concentrations in Digital Environments for Learning, Teaching & Agency, Educational Equality and Cultural Understanding, and Workplace Training and Development. This Bachelor of Science program focuses on the growing demand for knowledge workers who are prepared to lead in today’s economy.

Gain expertise in the design, analysis and evaluation of learning environments, and prepare for career opportunities as educators, knowledge managers, policy makers, analysts, and professionals in education, government, healthcare, business, and non-profit organizations.

Admission Requirements


  • Illinois/Overall GPA of 2.50 or higher (3.0 or higher GPA is highly recommended)
  • Two years of one language other than English in high school or through the second level course in college must be completed by desired term of entry. 
  • Completion of Composition I requirement.
  • Completion of a Quantitative Reasoning General Education course.

Highly Recommended: 

  • SOC 280 (Quantitative Reasoning I General Education course)
  • EDUC 201
  • EDUC 202
  • CI 210

Students with the best essays and the best academic and professional qualifications, including any pertinent extracurricular activities will receive highest priority. One way to demonstrate interest is to have earned a grade of “B” or better in introductory courses EDUC 201, EDUC 202 and CI 210.  

Meeting the minimum GPA and the completion of prerequisite coursework does not guarantee admission into any major.


Students applying to this program will select a concentration. LES offers three concentrations: Digital Environments for Learning, Teaching and Agency, Educational Equality and Cultural Understanding, and Workplace Training and Development. Consult the LES Program of Study for details.

Digital Environments for Learning, Teaching and Agency

Focuses on understanding, designing and implementing digital technologies that promote learning in a range of environments. These environments range from technology-enhanced classrooms to mobile devices and immersive virtual worlds, in schools, homes, museums and workplaces. Graduating students will be prepared to work in a range of fields, including educational publishing and educational technology development, museum exhibit design, corporate training, game design, web and mobile application development, and be prepared for graduate programs in related areas.

Educational Equality and Cultural Understanding

Prepares students to better understand the role of education in enabling equality and cultural understanding in domestic and international perspectives.  Focusing on equality, diversity, and cultural understanding will give students a unique perspective on the historical place of education in both challenging inequities and helping to justify social divisions. Understanding how education as an institution operates to perpetuate social and economic stratification will give students a perspective on the challenges of creating a more equitable distribution of education.

Workplace Training and Development

Provides international and domestic students with the broad sets of knowledge and skills necessary to develop, deliver, and evaluate training and development programs across workplace settings, such as businesses and industries, two-year post-secondary schools, or community and government agencies.  In addition, it will serve a growing demand for graduates who have an interest in helping adults learn about and seek to improve organizational performance.

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