The Global Studies in Education division is built upon the tradition of the Comparative and International Education program at Illinois. It includes faculty and students interested in examining the changing forms of global interconnectivity and interdependence and their implications for thinking about and researching educational policy and governance; the media and popular cultures; the politics of social identities; post-colonialism in education; gender, class and racial inequalities; the political economy of knowledge production and management; development and education; and issues concerning the new global ecologies of learning.

Our Mission

The mission of the Global Studies in Education division is to prepare graduates who have a broad set of research interests in theories of globalization; post-coloniality; identity and the politics of representation; culture and education and the emerging role of international and non-government organizations in the development and evaluation of educational policies. In fulfilling this mission, the division supports and advances education by:

  • Participating in international conferences and projects.
  • Consulting with governments & non-government organizations as policy analysts.
  • Working on projects and publications in leading outlets in their field.

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