Quotes from Former Graduate Students

Our graduates obtain jobs that require timely, practical knowledge about mathematics and science education along with deep understanding of theoretical issues.  Graduates from our masters programs become teacher leaders who specialize in science or mathematics teaching, often becoming curriculum coordinators or department chairs.  Graduates from our doctoral program become professors, post-doctoral fellows, school district leaders, and research scientists at universities and educational consulting firms.  Our graduates shape conversations about education and lead innovative research in Illinois, the US, and across the globe.

Many of our graduates have received prestigious awards, including the Illinois Council of Teachers of Mathematics Promising New Teacher Award, New Science Teacher of the Year Award from the Illinois Science Teacher Association, the Knowles Science Teaching Fellowship, Outstanding New Biology Teacher, the National Association of Biology Teachers Award, and the Early Career Publication Award by the Special Interest Group on Research in Mathematics Education from the American Educational Research Association.  These outstanding achievements illustrate our graduates’ commitment to education and the impact of their work.

Corinna Crane ›

“While I have always been good at mathematics as a subject, I used to consider it rather dry and straightforward.  The professors have been among the most passionate, thought-provoking, and captivating teachers I have ever had and opened my eyes to learning and perspectives that I didn’t know existed.”

Director of Research and Analytics
ECRA Group

John Noe IV ›

“The graduate coursework from the Master’s program instilled in me the importance of evidence-based decision making. Therefore I always ensure that the evidence gathered in my classroom justifies any major teaching move or decision I make.”

Mathematics Teacher
Head Boys Volleyball Coach
Assistant Girls Volleyball Coach
Wheaton North High School

Isaac Stewart ›

“As a graduate student in entomology I quickly realized that my true passion involves sharing the learning experience with people on a large scale. While research certainly is a learning experience, teaching offered me the opportunity to emphasize what I love doing the most in my career. The program allowed me combine my passion for studying/sharing biology with the necessary coursework to become certified to teach in the public setting.”

Instructor of Biology
Black Hawk College
East Campus

Kristen Talbot ›

“I gained knowledge and skills on how to become an effective teacher and also was prompted to re-evaluate my own ideas on teaching and learning.  I had the opportunity to learn how to best teach students and implement that on my student teaching experience.”

Biology with Chemistry and ESL/Bilingual Certification Teacher
Unity High School, Tolono, IL

James Planey ›

“The program allowed me to form my concepts of teaching and learning while staying active in the biological sciences. This helped give me greater perspective on the importance and application of the skills I would be teaching my students.”

Technology Coordinator
Urbana High School