Class Attendance

Class attendance at the University of Illinois is expected. Each instructor decides whether absences will be excused, whether make up work will be permitted, and when a student's absences have become excessive. Since attendance expectations are between the student and the instructor, students should notify their instructors in advance of absences when possible, or as immediately as possible thereafter, and discuss with the situation. The Student Academic Affairs Office will not provide excuses to instructors when students miss class. If a student is incapacitated and unable to notify their instructor that they will be absent (or an instructor requests an absence letter), the student should contact the Student Assistance Center in the Office of the Dean of Students in the Fred H. Turner Student Services Building during business hours at 333-0050. Students are discouraged from contacting the Emergency Dean about absence related issues.

Grade Point Average Requirements

Students in all teacher education curricula (Early Childhood Education, Elementary Education, and Special Education) must maintain at least 2.50 University of Illinois, cumulative, content area and professional education grade point averages for continuation in good standing. Students enrolled in Learning and Education Studies must maintain at least a 2.0 GPA.

Students who do not meet the minimum Illinois, professional education, and overall GPA requirements will be placed on academic probation. Students who do not meet the minimum content and professional education GPA requirements are in jeopardy of failing to meet licensure requirements and may be asked to leave the program. Failure to meet probation levels may result in an academic drop from the College and the University. Freshmen especially need to be aware that their cumulative grade point average after their first two semesters must be at least a 2.50 in order for them to continue in good standing in the College of Education.


Students will be placed on probation and jeopardize future enrollment status and graduation from the University of Illinois

  • poor academic performance
  • failure to complete requirements in a timely manner

Drop Rules

  • The following regulations shall be used to determine if a student is to be dropped from the University. Students dropped from the College are also dropped from the University. Dropped students must complete a Petition for Re-entry during the appropriate deadline listed on the form.

    • A student is dropped if he or she fails to earn at least a 1.00 (D) average in any academic semester (not including summer session).
    • A student who fails to meet an established probation level is dropped unless the Illinois cumulative average is at least a 2.50.
    • A student who fails to make satisfactory progress toward a degree is dropped.
    Freshmen who do not have at least a 2.0 Illinois cumulative grade point average at the conclusion of their first year will be dropped from the College of Education and the University. No petitions for readmission will be considered for at least one year.

Grades on the Web

Students view their semester grades by accessing the University’s registration and records system on the web under Student Records. Semester grades are posted on the web shortly after the final grade (refer to the academic deadlines for more information) update and are refreshed weekly. Questions concerning information posted on this website should be directed to the Office of Admissions and Records.

Grade Symbols

The following are grade symbols and are not included in computation of averages:

  • NR- Not reported
  • W- Approved Withdrawal without credit
  • I- Incomplete
  • DFR- Grade Temporarily deferred
  • NC- No credit earned
  • CR- Credit Earned
  • S- Satisfactory
  • U- Unsatisfactory
  • PS- test based credit

More information about grade symbols can be found online under the Student Code, Article 3.

Incomplete Grades

An Incomplete is an approved extension of time to complete the requirements of the course(s). Incompletes are only issued by the college and will be considered only after the student has contacted the instructor(s). Students who have contacted the instructor and request an Incomplete must submit the Incomplete Contract to the Student Academic Affairs Office, 120 Education, 1310 South 6th Street.

The Incomplete Contract must be completed with instructor approval. Once the form has appropriate signatures, final approval must be granted by the Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs. Per Student Code 3-104, “A grade of “Incomplete” that is not removed by the end of the first eight weeks of instruction in the next semester in which the student is enrolled on the Urbana-Champaign campus becomes the grade of F”. Refer to Academic Deadlines for specific dates. Please be aware:

  • Students who must miss a final exam should contact the Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs in the Student Academic Affairs Office as soon as possible prior to the examination period. For satisfactory reasons, an incomplete grade may be approved, and the final exam will be rescheduled at a later date.
  • An unapproved absence from a final exam results in a failing grade in the course.