Students who have stopped out for only one semester (fall or spring) will be able to register without special approval once currently registered students have had a chance to register, providing they are not on academic probation.

Students who have stopped out for more than one semester will need to complete one of the following:

Statement of Intent to Return

Students, who meet ALL of the following conditions listed below, must complete a Statement of Intent to Return form.

  • Voluntarily withdrew or “stopped out” from for a period of at least two semesters (not including summer) but not more than two years
  • Left the College of Education in good academic standing
  • Have not exceeded the maximum term of eligibility

Teacher licensure requirements may change at any time by action of the Illinois State Board of Education. Students desiring readmission to a teacher licensure program may be required to satisfy new requirements in order to obtain the University's recommendation for licensure.

Petition for Re-entry

Students who meet the criteria listed below must complete a Petition for Re-Entry.

  • Any University of Illinois student who voluntarily “stopped out” for more than two calendar years AND has not exceeded the maximum terms of enrollment eligibility.
  • Any University of Illinois student who voluntarily “stopped out” for one semester or more AND left while not in good academic standing.
  • Any University of Illinois student on drop status or required to spend time away from campus due to inadequate academic progress.