All students register for classes by accessing the Student Self-Service system via the web with their Enterprise ID and password. Students who register for classes through Student Self-Service agree to pay tuition and fees to the University according to the payment policies and schedules adopted by the Board of Trustees. If a student wishes to cancel registration and avoid payment of tuition and fees, this must be accomplished by the date set forth by the Office of the Registrar. Academic deadlines for a specific semester can be found here. For assistance with the registration process, please refer to the Registration Checklist.

Net ID, Enterprise ID, and Password

Students admitted to the university must establish two IDs in order to access all the services available to them.


All students are initially assigned a Net ID and password, which allows access to campus specific sites and services such as e-mail and Blackboard. Your Net ID serves as your login to many University computing and networking services; it also determines your University email address. For more information on your Net ID, see


The Enterprise ID and password are for accessing the Banner system, which are used for registration and viewing your tuition bill. For information on setting up your Enterprise ID and password; refer to You can also contact the AITS Service desk if you are experiencing problems:

Earliest Registration Time

All students who are eligible to register are assigned a Registration Time Ticket, which is the first time that a student can access Student Self-Service to register for the next term. Students may access their Registration Time Ticket under the Registration Eligibility link in Student Self-Service. Time Tickets are assigned according to priorities established by the campus and by student level and the number of hours earned plus the number of hours in progress. Students should register for future semesters as close to their Time Ticket as possible to obtain preferred classes. Students may, however, register for classes any time after their initial registration time has passed and may use the system continuously to make adjustments to their schedules subject to campus and college policies and deadlines. Given the liberal time allowed for registration and campus policy governing priority for registration, requests by students to have their Time Ticket set to an earlier time will not be approved.

Overload/Underload Enrollment Limits

The maximum number of hours in which a student can enroll without special approval from the College is 18 hours for fall and spring terms, and 9 hours for summer. Exceptions to these limits must be approved by petition to the College. In most cases, the College will not approve registration in hours above these limits unless the student has compelling extenuating circumstances.


All students admitted to curricula in the College of Education are expected to be full-time students who are making normal progress toward their degrees. To petition for a course overload, a 3.0 or above GPA is required.


Students are not allowed to register for less than 12 hours unless approved by petition to the College. Students should be aware that registering for less than 12 hours may affect financial aid, visa status, insurance coverage, and athletic eligibility.

Credit/No Credit Option

Students may not elect this option on-line but must complete a Credit / No Credit Form.

The form must be submitted prior to the fourth week of class (for an eight week course) or prior to the eighth week (for a semester course). Check the campus academic calendar for specific dates. If it is past the deadline, an undergraduate petition must accompany this form.

Credit/no credit coursework may not be used to satisfy a degree requirement; refer to the Student Code 3-105 for details. Furthermore, according to Illinois State Board of Education policy, students seeking licensure, endorsement, or approvals will not be able to use credit/no credit coursework to meet requirements.

Adding/Dropping Classes


Students may add classes to their schedule for a particular term during the first ten instructional days of class or the first five instructional days of an eight-week course. Check the campus academic calendar for specific dates.

Students who wish to add a full semester course after the add deadline must complete a Late Course Add/Section Change/Credit Change Form. In most instances, students will not be allowed to add classes after the deadline unless they have been attending the class from the beginning of the semester. Late course adds require the approval of the instructor and the College of Education Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs.


Students may drop sixteen-week courses without academic penalty during the first eight weeks of the semester providing the drop does not result in part-time status. Check the campus academic calendar for specific dates. Academic loads of less than twelve hours are rarely approved and must be authorized by the Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs. In light of the liberal period allowed for dropping courses, requests to withdraw from a class after the drop deadline will not be granted unless there are extenuating circumstances, which warrant such approval. Not doing well in a class is not an acceptable reason to request a late drop. All requests for dropping courses after the eight-week deadline must be submitted with the Late Course drop form. Requests to withdraw from a class during the last two weeks of the term will not be approved.

Repeated Grade and Grade Replacement Policy 

For Policy on Repeating Courses and Grade Replacement, please consult the Student Code.

Electing to Replace a Grade

If you are considering grade replacement, it is recommended you talk with your adviser. Please be aware, if you repeat a course, and don’t elect the grade replacement option, both grades will be averaged into your GPA.

If you wish to elect the grade replacement option, you will need to complete a Grade Replacement form and submit it to the Student Academic Affairs Office, 120 Education, 1310 South 6th Street. You will be notified as to whether you are eligible for grade replacement. Students who wish to elect the grade replacement option must file their intent by the first half of the term in which the course is to be repeated. Check the campus academic calendar for specific dates. 

Registration in 500-Level Courses or Courses for Graduate Credit

With the permission of the instructor and the teaching department, which offers the course, students may register for 500-level classes. Students who wish to register for a 500-level course should consult with their adviser, obtain the instructor's approval, and contact the department, which offers the course. Subject to approvals, the college office will register the student in the course.