Students enrolled in the College of Education are not required to complete a minor for the degree. However, students may decide they wish to study an additional subject matter to complement the major field of study. There are approximately 90 senate-approved minors on this campus. Information concerning campus-approved minors, including specific requirements, restrictions, and academic deadlines may be obtained by accessing the campus minors website.

Declaring a Minor

Students who wish to complete a minor are responsible for notifying their college by completing the Statement of Intent to Pursue a Campus-Approved Minor. This form is  may be submitted to the college after achieving junior standing. The deadline to submit this form is the last day to add a class in the semester of the student’s expected graduation.


To officially pursue a minor on this campus, students must be aware of the information and follow the guidelines outlined below.

  • The completion of the minor is an optional degree requirement to the baccalaureate program. Exceptions are the programs in the teaching of chemistry, physics, German, Latin, and Russian and the Minor in Secondary School Teaching.
  • The sponsoring department of the minor is responsible for informing students of the approved requirements for the minor and for any advising associated with the minor.
  • Students' Expected Graduation Date (EGD) will not be extended for the purpose of completing a minor.
  • No priority on class registration will be given for courses required in the minor.
  • Minor(s) will not be added retroactively to a student's record after graduation.

Changes to Minor

Occasionally it may be necessary or appropriate to substitute alternate courses, such as study abroad credit, for those that are specifically required in a minor. Requests to substitute alternate courses in a minor may be initiated by the student by completing the Minor’s Modification Form. The unit sponsoring the minor must indicate their approval of the substitution on the modification form that the student submits to the college office. A student may also cancel the intention to pursue a minor by completing this form.