The College of Education Offers four undergraduate degree programs: Early Childhood Education, Elementary Education, Special Education, and Learning and Education Studies. The College of Education also offers a minor in Secondary School Teaching. Detailed information concerning undergraduate degree requirements can be found in the online Programs of Study.

The college advisers have access to information concerning class accessibility and frequency of offering that may not be readily available to students. In addition, the advisers play a major role in acclimating students to the campus by fielding questions and referring students to appropriate staff to resolve any problems that they might encounter.

Advising Holds

All students should meet with their academic adviser prior to registering for classes. In some cases, access to registration may be restricted with an advising hold. An advising hold may be placed on a student at any time for various reasons at the discretion of the College. If the student has an advising hold, this will be noted on the Registration Eligibility page. An advising hold must be cleared by authorized college staff before a student can register for classes.

To Schedule an Appointment with an Adviser

The Student Academic Affairs Office advisers provide advising services for undergraduate students, both current and incoming. Please call (217) 333-2800 to schedule an appointment.