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Undergraduate Handbook

Enrollment and Academic Issues


All students register for classes by accessing the Student Self-Service system via the web with their Enterprise ID and password or through their my.illini account. Students who register for classes agree to pay tuition and fees to the University according to the payment policies and schedules adopted by the Board of Trustees. If a student wishes to cancel registration and avoid payment of tuition and fees, this must be accomplished by the date set forth by the Office of the Registrar. Academic deadlines for a specific semester can be found here. For assistance with the registration process, please refer to the Registration Checklist.

Net ID, Enterprise ID, and Password

Students admitted to the university must establish two IDs in order to access all the services available to them.


All students are initially assigned a Net ID and password, which allows access to campus specific sites and services such as e-mail, my.illini and Blackboard. Your Net ID serves as your login to many University computing and networking services; it also determines your University email address. For more information on your Net ID, visit this link.


The Enterprise ID and password are for accessing the Banner system, which are used for registration and viewing your tuition bill. You can set up your ID at the UI-Integrate Self-Service. You can also contact the AITS Service desk if you are experiencing problems:

Earliest Registration Time

All students who are eligible to register are assigned a Registration Time Ticket, which is the first time that a student can register for the next term. Students may access their Registration Time Ticket through the Enhanced Registration option by selecting prepare for registration. Time Tickets are assigned according to priorities established by the campus and by student level and the number of hours earned plus the number of hours in progress. Students should register for future semesters as close to their Time Ticket as possible to obtain preferred classes. Students may, however, register for classes any time after their initial registration time has passed and may use the system continuously to make adjustments to their schedules subject to campus and college policies and deadlines. Requests by students to have their Time Ticket set to an earlier time will not be approved.

Overload/Underload Enrollment Limits

The maximum number of hours in which a student can enroll without special approval from the College is 18 hours for fall and spring terms, and 9 hours for summer. Exceptions to these limits must be approved by petition.


All students admitted to curricula in the College of Education are expected to be full-time students who are making normal progress toward their degrees. To petition for a course overload, a 3.0 or above UIUC GPA is required.


Students are not allowed to register for less than 12 hours unless approved by petition. Students should be aware that registering for fewer than 12 hours may affect financial aid, visa status, insurance coverage, and athletic eligibility.

Credit/No Credit Option

Students may not elect this option on-line but must complete a Credit / No Credit Form.

The form must be submitted prior to the fourth week of class (for an eight week course) or prior to the eighth week (for a semester course). Check the campus academic calendar for specific dates. If it is past the deadline, an undergraduate petition must accompany this form.

Credit/no credit coursework may not be used to satisfy a degree requirement; refer to the Student Code 3-105 for details.

Adding/Dropping Classes


Students may add classes to their schedule for a particular term during the first ten instructional days of class or the first five instructional days of an eight-week course. Check the campus academic calendar for specific dates.

Students who wish to add a full semester course after the add deadline must complete a Late Course Add/Section Change/Credit Change Form. In most instances, students will not be allowed to add classes after the deadline unless they have been attending the class from the beginning of the semester. Late course adds require the approval of the instructor and the College of Education Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs.


Students may drop sixteen-week courses without academic penalty during the first eight weeks of the semester providing the drop does not result in part-time status. Check the campus academic calendar for specific dates. Academic loads of fewer than 12 hours are rarely approved and must be authorized by the Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs. In light of the liberal period allowed for dropping courses, requests to withdraw from a class after the drop deadline will not be granted unless there are extenuating circumstances that warrant such approval. Not doing well in a class is not an acceptable reason to request a late drop. All requests for dropping courses after the eight-week deadline must be submitted with the Late Course drop form. Requests to withdraw from a class during the last two weeks of the term will not be approved.

Repeated Grade and Grade Replacement Policy 

For Policy on Repeating Courses and Grade Replacement, please consult the Student Code.

Electing to Replace a Grade

Students who wish to elect the grade replacement option must file their intent by the mid-term of the term in which the course is being repeated. Please be aware that if you repeat a course, and don’t elect the grade replacement option, both grades will be averaged into your GPA.

If you wish to elect the grade replacement option, you will need to complete a Grade Replacement form and submit it to your adviser. You will be notified as to whether you are eligible for grade replacement. Students who wish to elect the grade replacement option must file their intent by the and of the first half of the term in which the course is being repeated. Check the campus academic calendar for specific dates. 

Registration in 500-Level Courses or Courses for Graduate Credit

With the permission of the instructor and the teaching department offering the course, students may register for a 500-level course. Students who wish to register for a 500-level course should consult with their adviser, obtain the instructor's approval, and contact the department offering the course. Subject to approvals, the college office will register the student in the course.

Cancellation and Withdrawal

Cancellation of Registration

Students may cancel their registration for a term and be relieved of all tuition and fees if they have not attended any classes or received any related student services. Please be aware of the deadlines to cancel registration.  Students who attend class or use campus services must withdraw from the University following the procedures outlined below under Withdrawal from University.

Registration for fall and spring may be canceled in one of the following ways:

  • Online by using UI-Integrate Self-Service, no later than the business day before the first day of instruction of the term you wish to cancel. You will not be permitted to drop your last class on UI-Integrate Self-Service. You may drop all but your last class, then use the electronic notification of intent to cancel your registration. This electronic notification is time stamped, and must be submitted no later than the business day before the first day of instruction to be eligible for cancellation.
  • By submitting a request for cancellation of registration to the Office of the Registrar. The request must be received no later than 5:00 p.m. on the business day before the first day of instruction of the term you wish to cancel. Requests by mail should be addressed to the Office of the Registrar, 901 West Illinois Street, Urbana, IL 61801.
  • In person at the Records Service Center, 901 West Illinois Street, Suite 140, by 5:00 p.m. on the business day before the first day of instruction of the term you wish to cancel.

If you cancel your registration and do not plan to return for a future term, you must also cancel any future courses for which you have registered.

Withdrawal from the University

Students who wish to withdraw from the University must initiate this process in the Student Academic Affairs Office by completing and submitting a withdrawal form. After the withdrawal form is signed by the Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs, it is critical that students follow the proper withdrawal procedures as continued absence from classes alone does not constitute withdrawal. Students who leave the university without completing the withdrawal process will receive a grade of “F” for each course in which they remain registered. Absence through the final exam period is cause for failure and may make it very difficult for a student to return to the University or to enter any other college or university. Repeated withdrawals may also jeopardize a student's ability to complete the degree program within the approved time period.

Refund of Tuition and Fees

A student may be released from the obligation to pay a portion or all of the semester's tuition and fees by either canceling registration or withdrawing from the University by the refund date. For detailed information on tuition and fee refunds, please consult the Office of Registrar's withdraw schedule.

Alternate Ways to Earn Credit

Proficiency Examinations

Proficiency examinations are offered for many courses open to freshmen and sophomores. Proficiency examinations in more advanced undergraduate courses may be taken only if recommended by the head of the department and with the approval of the Dean of the College in which the student is enrolled. Arrangements to take a proficiency examination should be made through the department which offers the course.

If the proficiency examination is passed, credit toward graduation is awarded in the amount regularly allowed in the course. Students may not take proficiency exams in courses if they have completed more than one course that is more advanced than the course they wish to proficiency. In addition, proficiency examinations may not be taken to earn credit in a course that has been failed.

Please note: Proficiency credit may not be used toward licensure, endorsement, or approvals.

Center for Innovation in Teaching & Learning (CITL)

Enrollment in Center for Innovation in Teaching & Learning (CITL) courses offers a unique opportunity to earn academic credit toward a degree through online courses and programs. CITL permits students to solve scheduling problems, study while away from campus, and accelerate the progress toward a degree. Registration in CITL courses can be used to satisfy minimum residency requirements for a degree and count toward the 12 hour minimum required for full-time status. Credit and grades earned in CITL courses are figured into the Illinois grade point average.

Independent Study Courses

Courses taken on an independent study basis (typically courses numbered 395 in Education Departments) must be approved by petition prior to registration if the student wishes to fulfill a degree requirement in this manner. Prior to registering for the course, students must submit a college petition with a syllabus or plan of study for evaluation. The instructor must sign the petition and it must be accompanied by the syllabus or plan of study that fully explains the scope of the independent study. After the petition is reviewed, the student will be notified as to whether the independent study is acceptable in fulfilling a specific degree requirement. For teacher licensure purposes, students should keep a copy of the syllabus throughout their professional lives in case a description of the course is ever needed. Descriptions of independent study courses are not retained by departments.

Attendance at Other Institutions

Attendance at Other Institutions

Students may earn credit by attending community colleges or four-year institutions provided they satisfy the minimum residency requirements for graduation. Students should check the transferology web site to confirm the course has been articulated by the college of control and the transferability of the course(s). If the course has not been articulated, the student must submit a syllabus for the course (if the course has a lecture and lab section, syllabi must be submitted for both), in pdf format to

Following completion of the course(s), students should have an official transcript sent to The Office of Undergraduate Admissions following the instructions of the Registrar found here. After the transcript is processed, the credit will be added to the student’s record.

Students are responsible to disclose and provide complete, official transcripts from any post-secondary work completed outside the University of Illinois system, including all international and domestic coursework for the purpose of consideration of transfer articulation. Please see the student code for details. It is the student's responsibility to ensure that credit taken elsewhere is transferred back to the University in a timely manner. Grades earned in coursework completed at other institutions are averaged into the student's cumulative grade point average. 

Intercampus Registration

Intercampus Registration allows students at one campus of the University to register for courses unique to another campus of the University without having to transfer. This program also provides for summer enrollment at another University campus and allows students to transfer their financial aid to the host campus. Under this arrangement, students are registered through the home campus and do not interrupt residency requirements for graduation. More detailed information concerning this program may be obtained online.

Scholastic Requirements

Class Attendance

Class attendance at the University of Illinois is expected. Each instructor decides whether absences will be excused, whether make up work will be permitted, and when a student's absences have become excessive. Attendance expectations are between the student and the instructor. Students should notify their instructors in advance of absences when possible, or as immediately as possible thereafter to discuss the situation. The Student Academic Affairs Office will not provide excuses to instructors when students miss class. If a student is incapacitated and unable to notify their instructor that they will be absent (or an instructor requests an absence letter), the student should contact the Student Assistance Center in the Office of the Dean of Students in the Fred H. Turner Student Services Building during business hours at 333-0050. Students are discouraged from contacting the Emergency Dean about absence related issues.

Grade Point Average Requirements

Students in all teacher education curricula (Early Childhood Education, Elementary Education, Middle Grades Education and Special Education) must maintain at least 2.50 University of Illinois, cumulative, content area and professional education grade point averages for continuation in good standing. Students enrolled in Learning and Education Studies must maintain at least a 2.0 GPA.

Students who do not meet the minimum Illinois, professional education, and overall GPA requirements will be placed on academic probation. Students who do not meet the minimum content and professional education GPA requirements are in jeopardy of failing to meet licensure requirements and may be asked to leave the program. Failure to meet probation levels may result in an academic drop from the College and the University. Freshmen in licensure majors need to be aware that their cumulative grade point average after their first two semesters must be at least a 2.50 in order for them to continue in good standing in the College of Education.


Students will be placed on probation and jeopardize future enrollment status and graduation from the University of Illinois due to:

  • poor academic performance
  • failure to complete requirements in a timely manner

Drop Rules

The following regulations shall be used to determine if a student is to be dropped from the University. Students dropped from the College are also dropped from the University. Dropped students must complete a Petition for Re-entry by the appropriate deadline listed on the form.

  • A student is dropped if he or she fails to earn at least a 1.00 (D) average in any academic semester (not including summer session).
  • A student who fails to meet an established probation level is dropped unless the Illinois cumulative average is at least a 2.50 in licensure majors or 2.0 in Learning and Education Studies.
  • A student who fails to make satisfactory progress toward a degree is dropped.

Freshmen who do not have at least a 2.5 Illinois cumulative grade point average at the conclusion of their first year will be dropped from the College of Education and the University. No petitions for readmission will be considered for at least one year.

Grades on the Web

Students view their semester grades by accessing the student records menu in the University's online registration and records system. Semester grades are posted shortly after the final grades update and are refreshed weekly (refer to the academic deadlines for more information). Questions concerning information posted on this website should be directed to the Office of Admissions and Records.

Grade Symbols

The following grade symbols are not included in computation of averages:

  • NR- Not reported
  • W- Approved Withdrawal without credit
  • I- Incomplete
  • DFR- Grade Temporarily deferred
  • NZ- No Pass Covid Accommodation
  • PZ- Pass Covid Accommodation
  • NC- No credit earned
  • CR- Credit Earned
  • S- Satisfactory
  • U- Unsatisfactory
  • PS- test based credit

More information about grade symbols can be found online under the Student Code, Article 3.

Incomplete Grades

An Incomplete is an approved extension of time to complete the requirements of a course. Incompletes are only issued by the college and will be considered only after the student has contacted the instructor. Students who have contacted the instructor and requested an Incomplete must submit the Incomplete Contract.

The Incomplete Contract must be completed with instructor approval. Once the form has appropriate signatures, final approval must be granted by the Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs. Per Student Code 3-104, “A grade of “Incomplete” that is not removed by the end of the first eight weeks of instruction in the next semester in which the student is enrolled on the Urbana-Champaign campus becomes the grade of F”. Refer to Academic Deadlines for specific dates. Please be aware:

  • Students who must miss a final exam should contact the Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs in the Student Academic Affairs Office as soon as possible prior to the examination period. For satisfactory reasons, an incomplete grade may be approved, and the final exam will be rescheduled at a later date.
  • An unapproved absence from a final exam may result in a failing grade in the course.

Students who have stopped out for only one semester (fall or spring) will be able to register for the next semester without special approval once currently registered students have had a chance to register, providing they are not on academic probation.

Students who have stopped out for more than one semester will need to complete one of the following:

Statement of Intent to Return

Students, who meet ALL of the following conditions listed below, must complete a Statement of Intent to Return form.

  • Voluntarily withdrew or “stopped out” for a period of at least two semesters (not including summer) but not more than two years
  • Left the College of Education in good academic standing
  • Have not exceeded the maximum term of eligibility

Teacher licensure requirements may change at any time by action of the Illinois State Board of Education. Students desiring readmission to a teacher licensure program may be required to satisfy new requirements in order to obtain the University's recommendation for licensure.

Petition for Re-entry

Students who meet at least one the criteria listed below must complete a Petition for Re-Entry.

  • Any University of Illinois student who voluntarily “stopped out” for more than two calendar years AND has not exceeded the maximum terms of enrollment eligibility.
  • Any University of Illinois student who voluntarily “stopped out” for one semester or more AND left while not in good academic standing.
  • Any University of Illinois student on drop status or required to spend time away from campus due to inadequate academic progress.