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Designing Futures: Education as Innovation and Interdisciplinarity

The University of Illinois at UrbanaChampaign continues to create space for graduate student researchers to reimagine the future of education across all disciplines, from local communities to global stages. A testament to this dedication is the annual College of Education Graduate Student Conference (EdGSC). This year, the College of Education is thrilled to collaborate with the Siebel Center for Design (SCD) and the Academic Excellence in Engineering Education (AE3) to announce the 15th Annual College of Education Graduate Student Conference. The event is scheduled for March 1, 2024, in Champaign, Illinois, and offers an option for virtual participation.

In addition to the main conference, we will host a pre-conference Poster Session on February 29, 2024 at the Siebel Center for Design. The goal of this session will be to offer you an opportunity to share the educational and broader community impacts of your research. We welcome submissions to both the pre-conference poster session and the main conference.

We are now accepting proposals and invite you to contribute to this academic discourse.

The theme of this year's 15th Annual College of Education Graduate Student Conference is "Designing Futures: Education as Innovation and Interdisciplinarity." In our fast-changing educational environment, the lines separating traditional academic fields are fading. Meeting the needs of learners who must tackle complex global issues calls for an interdisciplinary approach. At the heart of this vision is the principle of inclusivity. Education should be equitable and diverse, incorporating a wide array of perspectives, backgrounds, and experiences to enrich our shared understanding.

As we advance into the 21st century, educational systems should go beyond knowledge dissemination to cultivate skills like creativity, critical thinking, and collaboration. They should also instill values such as adaptability and a strong commitment to equity. These competencies are best developed through interdisciplinary collaboration, innovative teaching methods, and a dedication to diversity and inclusion.

We invite submissions that span both research and practice, covering a variety of theoretical, methodological, empirical, and technical approaches in the field of education. The topics of interest are not limited to, but include the following:

  1. Diverse Perspectives in Interdisciplinary Education: Exploring how bringing varied cultural, historical, and societal viewpoints can enhance and deepen interdisciplinary studies, leading to richer and more holistic learning experiences.
  2. Empathy and Equity in Design Thinking: Investigating the integration of empathy in design thinking as a tool to foster understanding and address inherent biases, leading to educational solutions that prioritize fairness and inclusivity.
  3. Collaborative Learning Environments: Creating spaces where students from varied backgrounds, abilities, and experiences collaboratively engage, ensuring that everyone contributes to and benefits from interdisciplinary learning.
  4. Iterative Learning and Global Perspectives: How can iterative processes in design thinking incorporate diverse worldviews, and how do global perspectives enrich the iterative learning journey?
  5. Language, Literacy, and Interdisciplinarity: Understanding the intertwining of language and culture in interdisciplinary settings. How can embracing linguistic diversity improve interdisciplinary learning experiences?
  6. Policy Adjustments for Interdisciplinary Inclusivity: Evaluating how educational policies can both support interdisciplinary learning and ensure that such frameworks are inclusive, accommodating diverse needs and backgrounds.
  7. Innovative Technologies for Diverse Learners: Examining how technological tools and platforms can be harnessed to support diverse learners in interdisciplinary contexts, ensuring that everyone has equal access to the benefits of innovation.
  8. Rethinking Assessment in Interdisciplinary Settings: Adapting assessment methods to cater to diverse learning styles, experiences, and backgrounds, ensuring fairness and understanding in evaluation.
  9. Community Engagement and Local Knowledge: Incorporating community-driven knowledge and local perspectives into interdisciplinary curricula to foster a more rooted and contextually relevant understanding.

Note: Authors are not obligated to align their submissions with the conference theme. The review process for paper acceptance will not assess thematic fit. The annual conference theme serves as a catalyst for discussion and debate on emerging issues in the field.

This conference is open to all students who are interested in sharing their work, either with colleagues in person in Champaign or in virtual and hybrid spaces. The pre-conference poster session will be held in-person only. For students who wish to participate, the deadline to submit your research abstract is Friday, December 15, 2023, at 11:59 p.m. CST.


Abstract submission deadline: January 12, 2024, at 11:59 p.m. CST
Pre-conference Poster Session Date: Thursday, February 29, 2024
Conference Date: Friday, March 1, 2024

Please contact if you have any questions.

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