Educational Psychology

Conlee, Lawanna Office Support Specialist 217-300-3568
Kellogg, Julie Assistant to the Department Chair 217-333-1434
Zhang, Jian Confucius Institute Research Teacher 217-300-6361

Child Development Division

Bub, Kristen Associate Professor (Child Development Division Chair) 217-300-1091
Nettles, Saundra Murray Clinical Professor 217-300-0455
Perry, Michelle Professor 217-244-7766

Cognitive Science of Teaching and Learning

Counseling Psychology

Farmer, Helen Professor Emerita 217-333-2245
Hund, Anita Clinical Assistant Professor 217-300-6964
Kinderman, Lisa Clinical Assistant Professor
Landrum-Brown, Joycelyn Adjunct Assistant Professor 217-244-3356
Neville, Helen Professor (Counseling Psychology Division Chair, Director of Training) 217-244-6291
Rounds, James Professor 217-244-7563

Quantitative and Evaluative Research Methodologies