Congratulations to our students

James Scholar Program

The James Scholar Program is a University-wide program established to encourage undergraduate research and independent study and can involve opportunities to work with renowned faculty who support research and scholarship. 

Dean's List 

Dean’s List eligibility is limited to the top 20 percent of a student’s college class or curriculum. To be eligible for the Dean’s List recognition, students must complete at least 14 academic semester hours taken for letter grade. Public Affairs provides a complete list of Dean's List reciepents on their site. Published here are Education Majors. Congratulations to all our Dean's List recipients!

Campus Honors Program

The Campus Honors Program (CHP) offers special challenges and opportunities to a small number of academically talented and highly motivated undergraduate students. It fosters collaborative relationships between students and distinguished faculty through small intensive classes, a faculty mentor system for introducing students to the intellectual standards and methodologies of academic disciplines, and informal contacts encouraged by co-curricular offerings. Students who are participating in the Chancellor’s Scholars program and are enrolled in a Campus Honors Program (CHP) course may count a CHP course for their James Scholars requirement. 

Bronze Tablet

Continuous academic achievement is recognized by inscribing the student's name on a Bronze Tablet that hangs on a wall in the Main Library. To qualify for Bronze Tablet, the candidate must rank in the upper three percent of the College graduating class on the basis of Overall grade point average. Bronze Tablet candidates are specially honored at both the College of Education and University Commencement ceremonies in May.

Honors at Illinois

Illinois Honors is an interconnected array of special opportunities for undergraduate students of high ambition and academic achievement.