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Resilient and Ready to Lead, Teachers Make the World a Better Place

by Lea Peck / Apr 14, 2020

Teachers Make the World a Better Place

In a time of uncertainty, as instruction and learning transition to digital technologies, College of Education students have an important message to share.

Curriculum & Instruction doctoral candidate Sahar Alameh is currently teaching two courses, Elementary Mathematics Methods and Elementary Science Methods, while also preparing to defend her dissertation in May.

Having to adapt to alternative learning environments due to COVID-19 has had its challenges; however, Sahar is doing everything in her power to support her students.

“At first, my students were worried and confused, but I kept the lines of communication open. They are responsible future teachers and they love what they do. They know that I am here to support them, not just evaluate them,” she says.

Sahar wanted to find a way to showcase how resilient preservice teachers are, especially in the College of Education at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. She asked her students to come to their remote class prepared to share a message with the world with a piece of paper and a marker.

Teachers Make the World a Better Place

As time was wrapping up, her class chose this quote and strategized what each student should draw. Sahar’s students were proud of their creation and posed for a screenshot. A few students’ parents were so happy with the picture that they have plans to print and frame it.

Sahar“In times like this, teachers are the backbone of society. They never stop helping. The world is seeing the importance and the need for teachers. I wanted my students to know that the career they will start soon is important,” she says.

As for Sahar, she has had to adjust to both teaching and learning online. While overwhelmed, she says she is learning to practice self-care, regular exercise at home, and a little cooking to relieve her stress.

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