Spring 2015

Disentangling Continuous and Discrete Structure Within Data

Dr. Doug Steinley of the University of Missouri - ColumbiaDr. Doug Steinley
Professor of Psychological Sciences, University of Missouri - Columbia

Dr. Steinley's talk focused on general strategies for extracting class structure and factor structure when fitting models to data. Demonstrations were given on a data set of Internet habits of college students. 

Spring 2014

Presenting Findings from an Experimental Evaluation of Job Corps

Dr. Peter Z. Schochet, senior fellow and economist at Mathematica, PrincetonDr. Peter Z. Schochet
Senior Fellow and Senior at Mathematica, Princeton

Dr. Schochet presented findings from an experimental evaluation of Job Corps, the nation's largest education and training program for disadvantaged youths ages 16 to 24. The study used data collected during nine years on a nationwide sample of 15,400 treatments and controls. 

Fall 2013

Studying and Designing Alternative Infrastructures for Learning

Dr. Reed Stevens, professor of learning sciences, School of Education and Social Policy, Northwestern UniversityDr. Reed Stevens
Professor of Learning Sciences, School of Education and Social Policy, Northwestern University

Dr. Stevens' research program has spanned two decades. His work has taken place in K-12 classrooms, museums, homes, and preschools. His presentation drew on insights from field studies that looked into the possibilities of designing new tools that offer alternatives to traditional school infrastructures.