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Diversity and Equity

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Step into the College of Education and you'll find yourself standing amidst a community of nearly 2,000 faculty, students, and staff from a range of backgrounds. It's a diversity that ignites critical thinking and scholarly debate. It's a diversity that further inspires a common passion for exploring the world of education and robust knowledge to produce learners, teachers, and educational professionals of distinction.

A core value of this institution is one of respect for diversity of ideas and identities combined with the responsibility to provide ready access to the tools of learning for everyone. We value the vast range of perspectives of individuals of all backgrounds - whether students, faculty, staff or community friends - that come together in this College to inspire new discussions that leads us into new avenues of research and exploration toward an inclusive and just future.

A Welcoming Environment

We are actively working to create an environment in which all individuals feel safe, secure, and welcome, regardless of social identity and disability, and where acts of hatred are neither tolerated nor permitted.The College is committed to addressing the causes and instances of intolerance, intentional and otherwise.

National Leadership in Diversity

The College remains a leader in recruiting, employing, supporting,  and retaining underrepresented and diverse groups; for example, women of color and  men and women with disabilities. We recognize the multiplicity of foci and approaches of their work, which strengthen faculty engagement in multiple research approaches and that scholarship needs to be evaluated in all its complexities.

Reflecting Global Realities

We will recruit, support, and retain a heterogeneous student, faculty, and staff within the College, reflecting the realities of diversity from the local to the global level, including recruiting, supporting and retaining a critical mass of American Indian students. American Indian students are highlighted because the College has had little success recruiting and retaining students from these groups.

Sponsored Events

The College sponsors activities and events that enhance senses of inclusive community and promote social justice principles and policies through teaching, research, service and public engagement.

Affirmative Action

The College supports Affirmative Action policies that promote access to education and employment for historically underrepresented groups, typically people of color and women, and redress the effects of past discrimination and encourage the representation of these groups within the university, campus, and College community.