Infancy & Early Childhood Special Education

Infancy & Early Childhood Special Education (ECSE) prepares students to work with young children with disabilities and their families. The master's degree program is based on the following core beliefs: (1) families make a unique contribution to the family-professional partnership and are an integral member of the team; (2) children are active participants in their own learning; and (3) children, families and professionals benefit from the diverse knowledge that team members share with each other. Coursework and field experiences are designed to facilitate each student's professional growth, and self-reflection is a major component in this training program.

Typical Plan of Study (51-67 hours)

Select 1 Education Policy, Organization and Leadership Course

4 hours

Thesis Research

2 - 8 hours

Program Cost

To determine program cost, use the Cost Calculator. Please note that online students should reference the tuition cost only, there are not additional fees for online. 

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