Prepare to lead in the knowledge economy

Our Bachelor of Science in Learning and Education Studies focuses on the growing demand for knowledge workers who are prepared to lead in today‚Äôs economy. 


Gain expertise in the design, analysis and evaluation of learning environments, and prepare for career opportunities as educators, knowledge managers, policy makers, analysts, and professionals in education, government, healthcare, business, and non-profit organizations.

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Program concentrations:

Educational Equality & Cultural Understanding

Investigate how education as an institution operates and develop the skills required to enable equality and cultural understanding in domestic and international settings.

  • Explore educational policy, analysis, and theory

  • Research was to create more educational equality

  • Understand the historical place of education in challenging inequality and promoting enhanced outcomes for all

  • Examine human rights-based demands for education

Applied Learning Science

Probe the foundations and ideologies of learning and apply problem-solving skills in educational, business, and organizational contexts.

  • Explore theories and methods in the learning sciences

  • Identify principles of learning and how to apply them

  • Acquire flexible learning and problem-solving skills

Workplace Training & Development

Create, deliver, and evaluate training and development programs in workplace settings, businesses, post-secondary schools, and community and government agencies.

  • Gain an understanding of the human resource development field with a focus on training and improving organizational performance

  • Acquire practical skills in task analysis and program design 

  • Explore learning management systems

Digital Environments for Learning, Teaching & Agency

Design and implement digital technologies that promote learning in a range of environments including classrooms, mobile devices and immersive virtual worlds, in schools, homes, museums and workplaces. 

  • Explore theories and methods for designing and implementing technology

  • Identify principles of learning and instruction and the role that technology plays

  • Understand the limits of technology, and issues of equity and access related to digital environments for learning, teaching and agency


A degree in Learning and Education Studies will be prepare you for work in training and program development units, international schools, private and alternative schools, non-government organizations (NGOs), and other education-related positions in agencies, business, and government.

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