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Emily Stone


Emily Stone is the Director of Public Engagement for the College of Education. She works in close collaboration with the Dean to direct public engagement strategy for the College of Education across engaged research, teaching and service. Emily initiates and sustains partnerships between community partners and College of Education faculty, staff, and students in research, teaching, and service. She develops and implements strategic public engagement initiatives. Emily co-directs the campus-wide CU Community Engaged Scholars Program. She co-leads the Community Academic Partnerships Core at the Interdisciplinary Health Sciences Institute.

Key Professional Appointments

  • Director of Public Engagement, College of Education, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

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Farnham, A., Röösli, M., Blanke, U., Stone, E., Hatz, C., & Puhan, M. A. (2018). Streaming data from a smartphone application: A new approach to mapping health during travel. Travel Medicine and Infectious Disease, 21, 36-42.  link >

Farnham, A., Furrer, R., Blanke, U., Stone, E., Hatz, C., & Puhan, M. A. (2017). The quantified self during travel: mapping health in a prospective cohort of travellers. Journal of Travel Medicine, 24(5).  link >

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Farnham, A., Blanke, U., Stone, E., Puhan, M. A., & Hatz, C. (2016). Travel medicine and mHealth technology: A study using smartphones to collect health data during travel. Journal of Travel Medicine, 23(6), Article taw056.  link >

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