New Orleans’ school reform harmful to black community, scholars say

by Sharita Forrest  /   May 1, 2015

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Study led by Professor Adrienne Dixson explores racial implications of school reform movement in The Big Easy

By most media accounts, education reform in post-Katrina New Orleans is a success. But that’s from the vantage point of New Orleans’ white minority, according to a study led by Professor Adrienne Dixson of the Department of Education Policy, Organization and Leadership.  

From the perspectives of black students, parents, and educators—who have had a nonexistent voice in the decision-making—education reform in New Orleans has exacerbated economic and cultural inequities.

Dixson collaborated on the study with co-authors Kristen L. Buras and Elizabeth K. Jeffers, both of Georgia State University. Each of the scholars has an insider’s perspective on events in New Orleans’ schools: Dixson and Buras as longtime researchers, and Jeffers as a former teacher at John McDonogh Senior High School.

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