"Racial Equity in Higher Education: Cultivating the Gifts and Talents of Faculty of Color," Linda C. Tillman. Part of the Dean's Diversity Lecture series.

Event Type: Lecture

Speaker Information: Dr. Linda Tillman, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Racial equity continues to be an important topic in the landscape of higher education.  A key aspect of racial equity is the role of higher education administrators in recognizing and facilitating a diverse campus which promotes and supports its faculty so that they can make contributions to students, the campus, and the broader society.  Thus, higher education administrators must be committed to cultivating the gifts and talents of all faculty, and particularly faculty of color who often encounter challenges in terms of recruitment and hiring, promotion and tenure, and mentoring. This talk will focus on some of the challenges faced by faculty of color, particularly in predominantly white institutions, and strategies for cultivating the gifts and talents of these faculty.

Contact: Devean Owens