The Graduate Student Services Office (GSSO) supports graduate students and faculty members in the College of Education. GSSO helps navigate graduate school from the application stage through graduation. Additionally, we serve as a resource to both faculty and students for instructional needs such as course scheduling and registration. Common duties of this office include:


  • Corresponding with prospective applicants
  • Assisting applicants through process
  • Compiling application materials into electronic file
  • Distributing application to faculty for admission review
  • Process offer/denial letters along with funding offers
  • Assign advisers
  • Coordinate admissions with fellowship deadlines        


  • Process petitions
  • Track academic milestone paperwork
  • Complete degree audits
  • Oversee annual student reviews
  • Prepare degree list
  • Assist with student orientation
  • Arrange ERR/prelim/final committee meetings
  • Submit grade changes
  • Facilitate EPI and grad academy entries
  • Coordinate student award nominations
  • Inform faculty regarding student probation and dismissal status

Instructional Services

  • Track teaching loads and schedules 
  • Enter course schedule in Banner
  • Provide registration troubleshooting and overrides to students
  • Maintain faculty CRNs
  • Facilitate ICES
  • Submit course and program proposals for approval
  • Maintain syllabi records
  • Schedule final exams
  • Create a directory of grad courses for department use
  • Process textbook orders w/bookstores
  • Update course catalog
  • Campus reports- 6/10, etc.

Student Fellowship Coordination

  • Coordinate campus visits with COE departments for Graduate College Community of Scholars event
  • Prepare rating forms for COE department fellowships, trainee sessions.
  • Organize student fellowship packets