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Violet Harris

Key Professional Appointments

  • Professor Emerita, College of Education, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Awards, Honors, Associations

NCTE Advancement of People of Color Leadership Award, National Council of Teachers of English, 2015

Research & Service

I maintain active interest and conduct research in the areas of children's literature, multicultural children's literature, children's book publishing, the historic development of African American literacy, and the creation of literacy materials created specifically for African Americans. More broadly, I am interested in literacy, socio-cultural influences on literacy and schooling, and teacher education.

Currently, I am working on a content analysis of historic literacy materials for African American children and monitoring two trends in children's literature: biracial/multiracial children and religion.

My future research projects will focus more on analyzing specific authors, illustrators, and genres in children's literature and analyzing trends in publishing.


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