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Mari Altshuler


CI 430: Teaching Children Mathematics (CI 430) Examines children's learning of mathematics and meaningful instructional methods, representations and materials. Emphasis given to number and operations (including both whole and rational numbers), number theory and statistics/probability. Includes laboratory experience with supervised problem solving.

CI 432: Investigative Approach to Elementary Mathematics Instruction (CI 432) Course will model and examine an investigative approach to elementary mathematics instruction, which is purposeful, inquiry-based, and meaningful mathematics instruction. Particular focus will be given to the teaching and learning of measurement, geometry and algebra/functions.

CI 443: Mathematics in Early Childhood Education (CI 443) Focuses on the teaching of foundational mathematical concepts in prekindergarten, kindergarten, and the primary grades. Pre-service teachers will learn the value of "mathematizing" the worlds of children and creating authentic experiences through which children learn key mathematics concepts.