History and Systems of Psych (EPSY 492) A seminar on the history of psychology within a social and cultural context and its theoretical systems, and their relations to contemporary psychology. An awareness of the roots and context of one's own views as well as understanding and appreciation of others' views will be fostered. There will be some focus on encouraging self-study of the history of one's own theoretical orientation.

Counseling Psych Practicum (EPSY 520) 4 hours Beginning Practicum.

Counseling Psych Practicum (EPSY 520) Topic: Counseling Practicum

Adv. Counseling Practicum (EPSY 520) Intensive supervised experiences in applied educational psychology; use of a wide variety of diagnostic and observational techniques and treatment. Students may take more than one section.

Counseling Psych Practicum (EPSY 520) Topic: Advanced Counseling Practicum.

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