I continue to pursue my interests in the study of education policies and their impact on academic experiences of boys of color, as reflected in both my teaching and scholarly inquiry. I am currently collaborating with a team of colleagues from Public Policy Associates, to complete an article on culturally relevant evaluations. I also co-authored two book chapters with colleagues addressing with school discipline and their impact on black and brown boys.

Research & Service

My primary scholarly interests are centered around research concerned with understanding and addressing the over-representation of black and brown boys who have been disproportionately suspended/expelled from traditional public schools. My most recent work examines the culture of schools that seemingly perpetuate expectations that boys of color will fail. To this end, I co-authored tow book chapters that address these topics as indicated below.

Potter, H., Boggs, B., and Dunbar, C. (2017). Discipline and Punishment: How Schools are Building the Prison Pipeline. In N. Okilwa, M. Khalifa, & F. Briscoe (Eds.), The School to Prison Pipeline: The Role of Culture & Discipline in School. Bingley, United Kingdom: Emerald Books.

Boggs, B., Dunbar, C, Jr., (2015). An Interpretive History of Urban Education and Leadership in
the Age of Perceived Racial Invisibility. In M. Khalifa, A.Witherspoon-Arnold, A.Onsaloo, & C. Grant (Eds.). Handbook on Urban Education Leadership. Lanham, MD: Rowman & Littlefield.


In the past year I taught four courses, two of which were new preparations. The courses were Organizational Theory; Policy and Politics; Diverse Leadership and Policy. These courses provided a path to learning both classic and leadership theory that will enhance students' understanding of the complexities involved with contemporary school leadership.


Poli & Cultural Context of Ed The political and social environment of public education in the United States; analysis of the power structure and its influence on educational policy making at the district level; examination of the evolving roles of state and federal agencies, the courts, private organizations, and interest groups in school governance. Studies the tension between the ideal of a democratically controlled public school system and the growing power of educational experts. Course Information: Prerequisite: Graduate standing in the College of Education or consent of instructor.

Administration Theory Study of theoretical perspectives and empirical research drawn from the social sciences relating to educational organizations and administrative leadership with an emphasis on application of theory to practice. Course Information: Prerequisite: Student must be admitted to the EOL Superintendent Endorsement program or consent of instructor.

Ed Politics and Policies Examines the legislative and political processes in the formulation of current federal and state educational policies, together with the evaluation of policy and the formulation of policy alternatives. Course Information: Prerequisite: EOL 548 or consent of instructor.

Thesis Seminar Assists doctoral candidates in planning field studies and thesis problems; students are expected to present their studies at each of four stages: (1) the inception, delimitation, tentative design stage; (2) the proposed design stage; (3) the revised design stage; and (4) the final design stage. Students are expected to analyze all presentations critically. Course Information: Approved for S/U grading only. Prerequisite: Consent of instructor.: (1) the inception, delimitation, tentative design stage; (2) the proposed design stage; (3) the revised design stage; and (4) the final design stage. Students are expected to analyze all presentations critically.

Thesis Research Individual direction of research and thesis writing. Course Information: Approved for S/U grading only. May be repeated.

Independent Study Offers opportunity and challenge of self-directive, independent study; develops the individual's ability as an independent student and enables the student to pursue needed study in a field in which appropriate courses are not being offered during a given term. Course Information: May be repeated with approval. Prerequisite: Approval of study outline by adviser and the department chairman prior to enrollment.

Christopher Dunbar

Professor, Education Policy, Organization and Leadership



334 Education Building
1310 S. Sixth St.
Champaign, IL 61820

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