International Education Administration & Leadership (GSE: IEAL) trains professionals to lead, develop, implement and evaluate international programming and internationalization activities in business/industry and postsecondary settings, in both private and public sectors. This program develops skills necessary to lead comprehensive internationalization in organizations and institutions. Courses are drawn from education policy, study abroad, curriculum development, pedagogical methods & theories, education management, human resource development, and intercultural communication & education.

Who should apply

This program is designed to develop the skills and tools that experts, researchers, and practitioners need to:

  • Critically and effectively engage in international program administration and leadership
  • Lead institutions in a changing, complex global environment through well-informed international policy and practice
  • Excel in international education careers across multiple sectors of the international education field, including programming and administration, managing study abroad programs, administering international student services, directing student services in ESL and intensive language programs, and directing government or private programs that support international education and engagement

Programs Offered

Please note: Degree-seeking students will not gain an administrative endorsement on their professional license through ISBE with this degree, those seeking a principal or superintendent endorsement should consider Educational Administration & Leadership (Principal Preparation)