History of Education

History of Education is designed primarily for, but not limited to, students to specialize in the history of American education, and its complex and multicultural dimensions. The program offers a sequence of courses in the History of Education, including History of Western European Education, History of Asian American Education, Educational Movements in the Twentieth Century, Historical Foundations of American Educational Thought, and Methods and Techniques of Historical Research.

Typical Plan of Study (minimum 32 hours)

Master degree requirements

0 hours

All Master's degree students must complete a minimum 12 credit hours coursework at the 500 level in Education.

Core Concentration Coursework

4 hours

Select 1

4 hours

Select 1 concentration elective

4 hours

Select 1 Educational Policy, Organization and Leadership Foundations Course

4 hours

Electives in Education with advisor approval

12 hours

Sample of elective courses, courses should be chosen in consultation with advisor. 595 independent study can be applied up to a maximum of 8 hours.  

Thesis Research

2 - 8 hours

Program Cost

To determine program cost, use the Cost Calculator. Please note that online students should reference the tuition cost only, there are not additional fees for online. 

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