The Designing Learning Systems in the Workplace (DLSW) Specialization covers foundational knowledge and competencies in instructional system design and learning technology integration for practical application purposes in workplace settings. In addition, the coursework develops learners’ competencies in facilitating and managing intended processes of change for sustainable impact (e.g., organization development, project management, program evaluation). DLSW certificate recipients will be able to meet the needs of:

  • Modifying existing learning systems and solutions for remote and online delivery;
  • Designing scalable learning systems and solutions for developing working professionals’ capabilities in the workplace;
  • Developing learning systems and solutions for broadly defined workplace learning and performance outcomes across industries;
  • Facilitating adoptions of innovations in broadly defined learning and performance contexts in the workplace;
  • Evaluating the impact of learning systems and solutions in the workplace

Who should apply

The DLSW specialization is open to all degree-seeking and non-degree seeking students with eligible bachelorette credentials. In particular, the DLSW specialization is for individuals who are aspired to design technology-enriched and -enabled learning systems for broadly defined learning and performance goals in workplace contexts.

Programs Offered