Developmental Sciences

From the early childhood years of preschool to the transitions of adolescence, Developmental Sciences faculty and students investigate core aspects of youth: language development in their verbal and signed manifestations; the impact of teachers as shepherds of developmental growth; the acquisition (or not) of academic motivation; bullying and peer harassment; the growth of cognitive and mathematical skills, identity formation with respect to gender, race, and ethnicity; the creation of small yet structured societies of youth; peer influence and social networks; the disruptive functions of aggressive and antisocial behavior; the positive connectedness of friendship and cooperation.

Typical Plan of Study (48-72 hours)

Core coursework chosen in consultation with advisor

32 hours

No more than 12 hours of 595 independent study can count towards the degree

Basic Research Methodology Courses

4 - 8 hours

Please consult the College of Education Graduate Handbook for specific courses.  

Advanced Research Methodology Courses

4 - 8 hours

Please consult the College of Education Graduate Handbook for specific courses.  

Thesis Research

4 - 20 hours

Program Cost

To determine program cost, use the Cost Calculator. Please note that online students should reference the tuition cost only, there are not additional fees for online. 

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