Faculty and students in CSTL division explore the cognitive processes involved in intellectual growth and the acquisition of knowledge through the lifespan, as the basis for effective instruction. Our approach is multidisciplinary, drawing on psychology, linguistics, computer science, and education. We encourage our students to follow a broadly based and individually tailored program of courses and experiences, including field study. Focal points of research include: Learning and Cognition; Language; and Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Education.

Who should apply

Graduate level students who want to:

  • Explore the nature of learning, intellectual growth, and the acquisition of knowledge
  • Take a multidisciplinary approach to study the cognitive, developmental, social, and contextual processes that underpin learning.
  • Apply a cognitive science approach to develop and test models of effective instruction. 

Programs Offered

Interdisciplinary graduate concentration

A number of opportunities at Illinois for interdisciplinary study fit well with a doctoral degree in CSTL, including

  • The Medical Scholars Program (http://www.med.illinois.edu/msp/)
  • The Second Language Acquisition and Teacher Education (SLATE) program, which offers a graduate concentration (designated on the transcript).