Individual direction of research and thesis writing. See Course in Course Explorer

Credit Information: Approved for S/U grading only. May be repeated.

Past Sections

Section Schedule Type Dates Instructor Days Times Location
ADDIndependent Study8/22/2016 - 12/7/2016Dixson, A
ADWIndependent Study8/22/2016 - 12/7/2016Welton, A
AHDIndependent Study8/22/2016 - 12/7/2016Dyson, A
AJWIndependent Study8/22/2016 - 12/7/2016Welton, A
BMBIndependent Study8/22/2016 - 12/7/2016Barnett, B
CLIndependent Study8/22/2016 - 12/7/2016Lubienski, C
CMCIndependent Study8/22/2016 - 12/7/2016McCarthy, C
CMSIndependent Study8/22/2016 - 12/7/2016Span, C
CRHIndependent Study8/22/2016 - 12/7/2016Higgins, C
CSMIndependent Study8/22/2016 - 12/7/2016Mayo, C
DWHIndependent Study8/22/2016 - 12/7/2016Hood, D
JDAIndependent Study8/22/2016 - 12/7/2016Anderson, J
LHIndependent Study8/22/2016 - 12/7/2016Herrera, L
MPCIndependent Study8/22/2016 - 12/7/2016Pratt-Clarke, M
NCBIndependent Study8/22/2016 - 12/7/2016Burbules, N
PADIndependent Study8/22/2016 - 12/7/2016Dhillon, P
RBIndependent Study8/22/2016 - 12/7/2016Brown, R
WCIndependent Study8/22/2016 - 12/7/2016Cope, B
WTTIndependent Study8/22/2016 - 12/7/2016Trent, W
YPIndependent Study8/22/2016 - 12/7/2016Pak, Y
ADDIndependent Study1/17/2017 - 5/3/2017Dixson, A
ADWIndependent Study1/17/2017 - 5/3/2017Welton, A
AHDIndependent Study1/17/2017 - 5/3/2017Dyson, A
BMBIndependent Study1/17/2017 - 5/3/2017Barnett, B
CLIndependent Study1/17/2017 - 5/3/2017Lubienski, C
CMCIndependent Study1/17/2017 - 5/3/2017McCarthy, C
CMSIndependent Study1/17/2017 - 5/3/2017Span, C
CRHIndependent Study1/17/2017 - 5/3/2017Higgins, C
CSMIndependent Study1/17/2017 - 5/3/2017Mayo, C
DWHIndependent Study1/17/2017 - 5/3/2017Hood, D
JDAIndependent Study1/17/2017 - 5/3/2017Anderson, J
LHIndependent Study1/17/2017 - 5/3/2017Herrera, L
MPCIndependent Study1/17/2017 - 5/3/2017Pratt-Clarke, M
NCBIndependent Study1/17/2017 - 5/3/2017Burbules, N
PADIndependent Study1/17/2017 - 5/3/2017Dhillon, P
RBIndependent Study1/17/2017 - 5/3/2017Brown, R
RRIndependent Study1/17/2017 - 5/3/2017Reynolds, R
WCIndependent Study1/17/2017 - 5/3/2017Cope, B
WTTIndependent Study1/17/2017 - 5/3/2017Trent, W
YPIndependent Study1/17/2017 - 5/3/2017Pak, Y
ADDIndependent Study5/15/2017 - 8/3/2017Dixson, A
ADWIndependent Study5/15/2017 - 8/3/2017Welton, A
AHDIndependent Study5/15/2017 - 8/3/2017Dyson, A
BMBIndependent Study5/15/2017 - 8/3/2017Barnett, B
CDIndependent Study5/15/2017 - 8/3/2017Dunbar, C
CLIndependent Study5/15/2017 - 8/3/2017Lubienski, C
CMCIndependent Study5/15/2017 - 8/3/2017McCarthy, C
CMSIndependent Study5/15/2017 - 8/3/2017Span, C
CRHIndependent Study5/15/2017 - 8/3/2017Higgins, C
CSMIndependent Study5/15/2017 - 8/3/2017Mayo, C
DWHIndependent Study5/15/2017 - 8/3/2017Hood, D
JDAIndependent Study5/15/2017 - 8/3/2017Anderson, J
LHIndependent Study5/15/2017 - 8/3/2017Herrera, L
NCBIndependent Study5/15/2017 - 8/3/2017Burbules, N
PADIndependent Study5/15/2017 - 8/3/2017Dhillon, P
RBIndependent Study5/15/2017 - 8/3/2017Brown, R
RRIndependent Study5/15/2017 - 8/3/2017Reynolds, R
WCIndependent Study5/15/2017 - 8/3/2017Cope, B
WTTIndependent Study5/15/2017 - 8/3/2017Trent, W
YPIndependent Study5/15/2017 - 8/3/2017Pak, Y