Course in student teaching to meet requirements for licensure in special fields. See Course in Course Explorer

Credit Information: 2 to 12 undergraduate hours. 2 to 12 graduate hours. Approved for S/U grading only.

Prerequisite: All professional education coursework, except those requiring concurrent enrollment with student teaching, must be completed prior to student teaching. Satisfactory completion of all requirements of the Council on Teacher Education Undergraduate or Graduate Common Assessment Plan for Initial Licensure (

Schedule Information: Enrollment in this course is restricted to students registered in an approved Teacher Education Program.

Upcoming Sections

Section Schedule Type CRN Dates Instructor Days Times Location Credit
APractice 339438/28/2017 - 12/13/2017Rotan, F 5
ECPractice 339458/28/2017 - 12/13/2017Mann, J 2
LPractice 339468/28/2017 - 12/13/2017Ohms, A 2
L1Lecture-Discussion 424208/28/2017 - 12/13/2017Ohms, A 2
OPractice 339488/28/2017 - 12/13/2017Peterson, E 2
PPractice 339498/28/2017 - 12/13/2017Crull, G 8

Past Sections

Section Schedule Type Dates Instructor Days Times Location
APractice1/19/2016 - 5/4/2016Douglas, R
LPractice1/19/2016 - 5/4/2016Burch, G
L1Lecture-Discussion1/19/2016 - 5/4/2016Burch, GARR 508 S Sixth
OPractice1/19/2016 - 5/4/2016Borek, M
PPractice1/19/2016 - 5/4/2016Crull, G
APractice8/22/2016 - 12/7/2016Rotan, F
ECPractice8/22/2016 - 12/7/2016Mann, J
LPractice8/22/2016 - 12/7/2016Ohms, A
L1Lecture-Discussion8/22/2016 - 12/7/2016Ohms, A
OPractice8/22/2016 - 12/7/2016Peterson, E
PPractice8/22/2016 - 12/7/2016Crull, G
APractice1/17/2017 - 5/3/2017Douglas, R
LPractice1/17/2017 - 5/3/2017Ohms, A
OPractice1/17/2017 - 5/3/2017Peterson, E
PPractice1/17/2017 - 5/3/2017Crull, G