Reading Teacher

Students in this track will earn their credential in: Curriculum & Instruction as a non-degree Reading Teacher endorsement

Typical Plan of Study

Courses Hours

CI 502 Introduction to Reading


CI 567 Child Literature in the School Curriculum


CI 575 Assessment in Reading


CI 576 Assessment-Based Reading Instruction


CI 577 Clinical Practicum in Reading


Select One:

  • CI 503 Reading Instruction K-5
  • CI 504 Reading Instruction 6-12

Program Notes

Students should discuss their individual plan of study with their advisor.

The RTE requires successful completion of 24 credit hours of approved graduate coursework. Per Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) requirements, only courses in which a student earns a final grade of "C" or better will be counted toward licensure and/or endorsement requirements. In addition, to earn the RTE, the successful completion of an ISBE-sanctioned proficiency test is required.  State endorsement requirements are subject to change without notice, and students are not guaranteed protection from such changes. It is in a student's best interest to complete requirements in a timely manner and to apply for State of Illinois licensure/endorsements as soon as possible thereafter.  Should ISBE require changes prior to the processing of licensure/endorsement(s), additional coursework may be required.  Students who complete the requirements must apply directly to ISBE for their endorsement. The College of Education does not issue endorsements directly.