Reading Teacher Endorsement (RTE) is designed to strengthen a teacher's ability to teach reading/ literacy in a K-12 classroom setting. All students will gain an in-depth understanding of literacy instruction, materials & resources for a diverse learning population.

Course Requirements for Endorsement

*Note: State rules mandate that no course with a grade lower than C can be used towards licensure, endorsement, or approvals.  This means courses with a C- or lower and CR/NC courses cannot be used. 

Minimum 24 credit hours of credit with coursework from each of the areas below.  Please note that some courses count for more than one area which may require you to take more than one course in other areas.  It is recommended that courses are taken in this sequence:

Foundations in Reading:

  • CI 475
  • CI 502
  • CI 503
  • CI 504

Content Area Reading:

  • CI 471
  • CI 472
  • CI 473
  • CI 503
  • CI 582 (Note: Only 2 hours will count towards endorsement if using CI 582)

Literature Appropriate to Students Across all Ranges:

  • CI 467
  • CI 567
  • CI 568
  • CI 585
  • CI 587

Assessment and Diagnosis of Reading Problems

  • CI 575

Developmental and Remedial Reading Instruction and Support

  • CI 576

Developmental and Remedial Reading Materials and Resources

  • CI 575
  • CI 576

Reading Practicum

  • CI 577

Additional Courses that may count as reading electives:

  • CI 465
  • CI 468

Additional Requirements for Endorsement

Master Degree Requirements

Courses for the Reading Teacher Endorsement can be completed as a non degree student.  For students wishing to complete the RTE in conjunction with a Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction the following must be completed:

  • One 4 credit hour Foundations course in Educational Psychology
  • One 4 credit hour Foundations course in Education Policy, Organization and Leadership
  • Admission to the Master of Education (EdM) program in Curriculum and Instruction

More information on the Master of Education program, including Foundations courses, can be found in the College of Education Handbook and the Academic Catalog.

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