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Elementary Education Plus Teaching Licensure

Plan of Study

Content Area Course Requirements 

Content Area Courses: These courses may have been completed as part of your undergrad program.  If not they will need to be completed as part of your graduate program.  An audit will be completed after admission and you will be notified of any deficiencies.  

  • One course in a physical science
  • One course in a biological science
  • Coursework in a minimum of four different social science areas:
    • Anthropology
    • Psychology
    • Sociology
    • History
    • Economics
    • Political Science
    • Cultural Georgraphy
  • MATH 103 - *Note:  MATH 103 is a prerequisite for CI 430.  Students must enroll in MATH 103, concurrent with CI 430 if this course has not been successfully completed.
  • STAT 100, MATH 117, or AP Statistics Exam ≥ 3
  • KIN 268

Professional Sequence 

  • Year One Fall
    • CI 405 Introduction to Teaching Elementary Age Children
    • CI 430 Teaching Children Mathematics
    • CI 450 Teaching Elementary Science I
    • CI 567 Children's Literature in the School Curriculum
  • Year One Spring
    • CI 432 Investigative Approach to Elementary Mathematics Instruction 
    • CI 448 Teaching Elementary Social Studies
    • CI 451 Teaching Elementary Science II
    • CI 475 Teaching Elementary Reading and Language Arts I
    • CI 522 Arts in Early Childhood and Elementary: Curriculum in Context
    • EDPR 550 (0 hours) School and Community Experience
  • Year Two Fall
    • CI 406 Theory Practice in  Elementary School Teaching I
    • CI 452 Social Studies as Action and Inquiry
    • CI 476 Teaching Elementary and Middle Grade Language Arts
    • SPED 517 Disability Issues in SPED
    • EDPR 550 (4 hours) School and Community Experience
  • Year Two Spring 
    • CI 407 Theory Practice in  Elementary School Teaching II
    • EDPR 432 Education Practicum in Early Childhood and Elementary Education
  • Additional Courses
    • CI 415 Language Varieties, Cultures and Learning
    • KIN 268

Minimum GPA Requirements

  • Content and Professional Education GPA: 2.5
  • Graduate GPA: 3.0
  • Note: State rules mandate that no course with a grade lower than C can be used towards licensure, endorsement, or approvals.  This means courses with a C- or lower cannot be used.

Additional State Required Assessment

Master Degree Requirements

In addition to the above professional sequence, students must complete:

  • One approved 4 credit hour foundations course in Educational Psychology
  • One approved 4 credit hour foundations course in Education Policy, Organization and Leadership
  • One 4 credit hour 500 level course in Education (CI, EOL, EPOL, EPS, EPSY, HRD, SPED)

More information on the Master of Education program, including a list of foundations courses, can be found in the College of Education Handbook and the Academic Catalog.

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